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Crimson Herring Studios Content Creation Policy

Gamers rely on other gamers to make informed decisions about which games to follow and buy. We’re excited to bring this content to you and as a result we actively support your ability to share content related to Crimson Herring games.

To that end:

  • Crimson Herring Studios provides consent for gamers to share transformative content from our games so long as it is not commercial use.
  • We define commercial use as that content which was directly paid for by any person or organization or is accessible only via paid customer access.
  • This definition does not include ad supported content such as YouTube/Twitch content creators, so long as non-paying viewers can still access the same content at the same time as paying viewers.
  • Transformative means that you have crafted a unique experience for the viewer which is not similar to simply uploading game visuals with no additional voice or editing work (ie Zero commentary Let’s Plays where you’re adding nothing of value beyond playing the game would be against this item).
  • Content must be officially released material from sources and links available from https://www.crimsonherring.com
  • You cannot state or imply that you are affiliated with or sponsored by Crimson Herring Studios under this policy.

To be more plain, you can create YouTube videos, Twitch streams or other similar types of content as long as viewers are never required to pay you for this content and no company is paying directly for you to make this content.

Reciprocated Use

  • In return, we reserve the right to use your content in company and game adjacent productions. For example, this use could include but is not limited to using audio/video clips and quotes from reviews or exciting moments in marketing material.
  • We do NOT reserve the right to use your content inside video games themselves. If we are interested in your content for video game inclusion, we will approach you directly and contract it properly.

Community Creation

Crimson Herring Studios is extremely supportive of digital expansion via modification.  To that end, we welcome all non-commercial modding and campaign building efforts and will endeavor to support those efforts the best that we can.

At the present time no commercial modding is allowed, however we are certainly interested in seeing more involved complex work, and are open to pitches.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee certain assets which are under license to us.  This means some assets should be avoided in community mods. Please see the list below of assets which we cannot give consent for your use simply because we do not own them.

  • Presently, all audio tracks in Sovereign Syndicate. Video content production should reduce music volume to zero just to ensure no third-party content issues.