SOVEREIGN SYNDICATE DEV UPDATE, SEP 2023: Controller Support and other Updates!

Crimson Herring

Hi Everyone! Exciting times over here, checking in with another game update.

You may have noticed we pushed an update to the demo recently. We’re preparing for the upcoming Steam Next Fest October 9-16th and we’re making sure everyone gets to see the latest and greatest.

We’ve also been working to improve our UI and tutorials and add some quality-of-life features. This includes the controller support, font scaling, and UI improvements you can see in the latest demo. We’re also adding some additional features at a later date, including Twitch integration, Steam achievements, and a frame rate limiter.

As we mentioned in a previous update, we weren’t certain what we would be able to deliver for localization and platforms at launch until recently. Now that we’re further along and have more clarity on our budget, we can commit to an English PC launch. We’re hoping to follow that up with additional languages and platforms depending on the game’s sales. We’ve made the related updates to the Steam product page so users will know if the game isn’t in their preferred language.

We’ve been working hard in QA finishing up the game as of late. We’re now content complete and into the bug fixing and polish stage. We’ll have an announcement with a release date very soon, so stay tuned for that!

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Until next time, Take care!