SOVEREIGN SYNDICATE DEV UPDATE, Sep 2022: Demos, Trailers, and Gamescom, Oh My!

Crimson Herring

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a busy month here at Crimson Herring, and I wanted to take some time to share everything we’ve been working on.

We completed our recent playtest and incorporated all of your great feedback into the demo we launched at Gamescom. We’ve had thousands of players download and play the playtest and demo over the last couple of months, and we continue to get great feedback to help make the game even better.

Launching our Demo and participating in Gamescom and Devcom was a great experience and generated some media coverage for the game as well. I always enjoy watching content creators play our game and the comments and engagement from the audience. If you haven’t had the chance to play our demo yet you can download it for free on our Steam page.

As part of Devcom we were selected to participate in the NRW Indie Expo and won third place! If you haven’t seen our Twitch stream with the folks from Devcom you can check it out here:

It was really fun to record live during all the Gamescom excitement and I look forward to participating in more festivals in the coming months.

We also refreshed the Steam page with new screenshots and launched a couple of new trailers showcasing all the great work we’ve been doing. I really enjoyed working with the trailer creators, writing scripts, and hiring voiceover talent, and I think the trailers came out great! Special thanks to Evolve PR and Suzanne Wallace for their work on those.

We’re also working on some new content and other exciting changes. I’m really looking forward to sharing what we’ve been up to in the next playtest. As always, you can catch us over on Discord if you want to chat and stay up on all the latest developments, head to the top of our website and sign up for the newsletter.

Until next time, Take Care!