Crimson Herring

Let’s Talk Roadmap to Release! 

Hi Everyone, as promised, I’m back to provide an update on the state of the game and our plans for release.  

Lots of moving parts here of course, and I’d like to avoid making a release scope or date commitment that we’re not able to hit, so here’s what I’ve been thinking… 

We know that with our current budget we’ll be able to make the game we wanted; but without publisher support or additional investment it’s likely that we can only deliver a PC English version at launch.  

If we’re able to secure additional funding, then we’ll focus that funding on additional languages and console porting. This would mean release would take longer of course, to allow for additional translation and porting work to be completed; but we’d be able to provide the game to a larger audience. 

If we’re not able to secure additional funding for porting and localization we’d still look to do these things post-release using revenue generated from game sales, it would just take longer than we’d like to reach the same audience.    

We’re also looking at whether we can attend Gamescom or PAX West, and we’d likely run a Beta concurrently with those events so you can see everything we’ve been working on and provide that critical last-minute feedback so we can deliver the best possible version of the game.   

I’ll provide you with updates as the situation develops, and update the Steam page accordingly when we firm up our plans for localization and release date; but if you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on with development right now, Isaac and Chris sat down and discussed it for one of our developer blog posts over on our YouTube Channel.  

As always, if you’d like to follow our development more closely you can subscribe to our newsletter and join our discord. 



Until next time, Take care!