Crimson Herring

Hi Everyone, we’re all back and settled in now after a successful showing at PAX East! Thought I’d take some time and provide an update on where we’re at with Sovereign Syndicate.

I’m really glad we decided to show the game in person. We’d never had the opportunity before, starting the studio during COVID, and I was delighted and humbled by the positive reactions from so many people who enjoyed playing our game.

The prospect of showing the game in person like that also forced us to work on some additional polish and a re-release of the demo, as we wanted to make sure we were putting our best foot forward to any players, media, publishers, and other vendors. I’m really happy we put the time in and can show off a lot of the changes we’ve been working on since our initial demo release almost a year ago, and the feedback on the changes has been fantastic.

A special thanks to our team that travelled to show in person, and the team at PAX for being so accommodating and generous with their time to make sure we had everything we needed to have a successful show.

We’ll have more on our development roadmap and release plans in the next update; but if you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to show art an event like this, Isaac and Chris sat down and discussed it for one of our developer blog posts over on our YouTube channel.

As always, if you’d like to follow our development more closely you can subscribe to our newsletter and join our discord.



Until next time, Take care!